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The project aims to strengthen the pathways of active citizenship of young people, policy makers, public and private institutions and citizenship.

The objectives of the project:

Cultural and historical, with the aim of keeping alive the historical memory to promote a critical and conscious reading of the present in order to formulate interpretative hypotheses of contemporary society. Educational and social, developing teaching paths, starting from direct experiences to increase active participation in citizenship.

Institutional, developing and networking a wide range of opportunities in: Italy, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Albania and Greece: workshops, training seminars, artistic performances, performances, trips and volunteer camps.

The re-elaboration of the experiences will take place through public restitution, with different forms of expression, in a container-installation of artistic performances: readings, choreography, movies, theater pieces, flash mobs, exhibitions. There will be two moments of return: the first in January 2019, the second at the end of the path, in January 2020 a public event will be organized to return, with the intention of disseminating the reflections, documents, cultural products and testimonies of the participants in the project.

The project is implemented by the Social Cooperative Tempo Per l’Infanzia (Italy) in cooperation with 9 organizations from 5 countries: ANED (National Association of Nazi deportees, ANPI and University of Milan, Dora e Pajtimit organization and the ISSH Institute for Social and Human Studies from Albania, the Twof2 + Das Collectiv from Austria, the non-profit Kums – Skwhat from Croatia and the Greek Ngo Artifactory .

Dora e Pajtimit will organize a social theatre laboratory with youths from Oso Kuka School in Shkoder, from 21th April to 1st May 2019, working on an important historic event, the hospitality of the Jewish people by the Albanian families during the second world war. For more info please click the link below:

 The result of the social theatre laboratory will be a public performance to organize in the center of Tirana city in collaboration with ISSH Institute for Social and Human Studies.

Furthermore, on 30th April 2019, Dora e Pajtimit will organize in Tirana the youth organizations fair, EXPORIN 2019.

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Dora e Pajtimit (Author)

Nel 2007, nella convinzione che per le comunità albanesi colpite dal terribile fenomeno del Kanun si può fare molto, moltissimo anche a livello sociale, abbiamo deciso di creare a Scutari una nuova associazione, chiamata Dora e Pajtimit (DEP), composta da giovani che risiedono nella città, nonché da giovani che studiano in Italia.

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